Tracking over 5,000 vehicles simultaneously, on dedicated servers located in the UK.

What We Do?

Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle Tracking uses a device (Global Positioning System) to monitor the location of vehicles and records their positions at regular intervals. The recorded location data is transmitted to a central location Server connected to the Internet using a cellular (GPRS or SMS), modem embedded in the unit.

Driver Management

Driver management displays the Driver’s scorecard and Driver summary. Through driver training, telematics systems and effective fuel management systems, fleets can reduce costs and mileage while maintaining the same level of service.

Fleet Management

Fleet Management allows companies which rely on transportation in business to remove or minimize the risks associated with vehicle investment, improving efficiency, productivity and reducing their overall transportation and staff costs
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    History Playback

    Vehicle History Playback retrieves records for selected vehicles and plots the details including vehicle speed, direction on the map for a specified date / time range.

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    Customized Geofencing

    With the Geofence module, users can view and draw Geofences. Three types of Geofences can be drawn on the map (Circle, Polygon and Square). Speed limits and categorization options are available.

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    Email Alerts

    Configure Email Alerts to receive events by email, such as Ignition on/off, Geofence enter/exit, battery connect/disconnect etc.

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    Graphical Reports

    View various activities such as Hours Plied, Distance travelled, Trips made, Driver Scorecard as graphical reports.

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    Live Tracking

    Live Tracking displays current location, direction and speed of all Vehicles on the map. Real-time vehicle tracking allows you to manage your fleet at a glance.

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    Route Monitoring

    Different routes can be assigned to vehicles, and in case of deviation an alert is generated. So, there is no need to keep an eye on every vehicle of the fleet, as the system is intelligent enough to report the deviations.

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    Real Time Notifications

    Configure Real Time Notifications to display live events on the screen.

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    Schedule Reports

    Various Reports can be Scheduled to be sent by email to a users’ designated address at various intervals (hourly, daily etc.)


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