No. Basic Features Economy Business Platinum (Fleet)
1 Web Based Tracking (Google Maps) Yes Yes Yes
2 Customized Geofencing (Max 20) Yes Yes Yes
3 History Playback 3 months 6 months 9 months
4 Vehicle Immobilization (Hardware dependent) Yes Yes Yes
5 Analytics Dashboard Yes Yes
6 Tracking Dashboard Yes Yes
7 Notifications Dashboard
Standard Reports
1 Detailed Activity Report (Vehicle History) Yes Yes Yes
2 Excessive Idle Report Yes Yes Yes
3 Geofence Report (Details of Entries/Exits) Yes Yes Yes
4 Ignition Report (Stop Time) Yes Yes Yes
5 Journey Report Yes Yes Yes
6 Mileage Report Yes Yes Yes
7 Night Time Driving Report Yes Yes Yes
8 Over Speed Report Yes Yes Yes
Admin Reports
1 Users Login report Yes Yes Yes
2 Communicating Assets Report Yes Yes Yes
1 Ignition On / Off E & S E & S
2 Geofence Entry / Exit E & S E & S
3 Overspeed E & S E & S
4 Panic Button E & S E & S
5 Vehicle Mobilize / Immobilize E & S
6 Night Time Driving E & S
7 Battery Connect / Disconnect E & S
Monthly Fees $3.00 $5.00 $7.00

Advanced Features

Driver Scorecard
Fleet Maintenance System – Services / Renewals (FMS)
Route Management System RMS
Rebranding of Mobile Apps
Scheduled Reports by Email (AERG)
iButton (Driver ID)
School Bus (Students) Tracking using RFID (per passenger)

For Advanced Features / Modules please contact us for further details.

E & S means Email and SMS Alerts.

SMS Alerts are dependent on the GSM Modem hardware and software being installed at the Client’s premises (Control Office). Integration (customized development) to support the Client’s GSM Modem will be charged at $800.


Client (Resellers) are responsible for the installation, support and maintenance of devices as well as SIM cards. Clients can buy hardware direct from the manufacturer or from XPT.

Notes: Minimum 12 months contract applicable to above options. XPT does not offer Vehicle Recovery Services.

Errors and Omissions Excepted.