Route Management (X-Route)

X-Route is an add-on software module of X-Fleet where fleet managers / operators can force a vehicle to travel on a predefined route from source to destination(s).

Whenever a vehicle deviates from the specified route, fleet managers are informed via email and/or via SMS that the vehicle is deviating from the route. This functionality is intended to assist fleet managers visually (Google maps) as well as informative text.

X-Route acts as a virtual eye for fleet managers on their fleet and notifies fleet managers with the following alerts:

  • Deviates from a scheduled route
  • Pre notification of arrival at destination
  • Vehicle not arriving at destination within scheduled time
  • Enters into a Geofence other than the Geofences it is allowed to visit

Why X-Route?

Once a vehicle is en route, the fleet manager has no idea where the vehicle is, where exactly it is heading, whether the driver is following a prescribed route or whether the correct quantity of goods is being transported or delivered. Neither does the fleet manager have the time or patience to monitor and track every single vehicle.

However, by subscribing to X-Route, the fleet manager can receive e-mail and SMS messages whenever a vehicle: deviates from its prescribed route, visits a restricted area, runs late or arrives at the destination (pre-notification arrival).

Fleet managers can now relax because with X-Route allows them to have their finger on the pulse.